About Us

About Us

Our Goal:

The goal of Solar Wave is to assist the people of Hawaii with reducing their dependence on energy suppliers on a global scale. Photovoltaic systems help people achieve this result. People who "go solar" save money, which in turn allows those savings to be spent in Hawaii. This reduces the approximately 8 billion dollars that leaves Hawaii as an expense for oil. By taking the one step forward to commit to investing in a photovoltaic system, each of us can help Hawaii in a major way. There are few other means to achieve such a beneficial and broad based result.

For example, if a family saves $300 a month after buying and paying off their photovoltaic system in four years that $300 can be spent elsewhere in Hawaii and will help our local economy. The $300 worth of savings will have a multiplier effect. It benefits the local merchants thereby affecting the salaries of those working in the store. In contrast, with no PV system, $300 is paid to the electric company which in turn will likely be paid to non-USA oil producers.

Company Policy:

In planning for the future, our policy is to do what is in the best interest of the customer. This simplifies our day-to-day decisions in the field and office, but also improves our ability to provide better service coupled with a better product. A father of an employee stated, "After the system is sold, customers do not remember how cheap it was, what they'll remember is that the system worked without problems." We are committed to providing service that will exceed expectations and work daily to provide worry-free results.

Surviving The Tax Incentive Cycle:

In the past, when a tax credit was given to those who installed solar hot water heaters the solar industry was booming. When the tax credit ended, the solar heater industry came to a screeching halt and only a few companies survived. We believe this will happen again in the solar electricity business when the Federal credit expires at the end of 2016. While we hope that the credit will be extended, there is no point in planning for actions we cannot control.

Solar Wave works daily to ensure we can take care of what we build. We self-finance commercial and residential solar leases. This income allows us to maintain and sustain our business model with recurring revenue. We plan to be around to help our clients for many years to come. Our employee-owned leasing program fosters a win-win relationship within the company which will radiate out to benefit our customers.

Company History:

IN THE BEGINNING: Solar Wave started out with a desire to change the world.

Wendell Choy, our founder, attended a self storage convention in Philadelphia in 2006 and spoke to a presenter touting photovoltaics. Having body surfed and played water polo throughout his youth, Wendell believed Hawaii was the perfect place for this technology. Extreme sun, high electricity prices and a generous state credit, were the key drivers in his decision to enter the photovoltaic industry.

Soon thereafter, Wendell read everything he could about the technology and attended design classes in California. He also took a college level PV course resulting in his becoming NABCEP certified. The business operations began in 2007.

In its first year, Solar Wave built the largest PV project on Oahu, Punahou School, and the largest project on Maui, BJ Furniture Mart. From that point on, the company concentrated on its commercial work.

Due to the number of commercial and residential projects the collective experience within Solar Wave places it near the top of the PV industry in design experience. It is often said there is no substitute for experience. We believe this holds true in proper PV design. For commercial projects, electrical and structural engineers must be qualified and highly experienced to produce the best results. "Figuring it out" is not an option. At Solar Wave, our designers specialize in PV design and project management.

This focus allows them to be on top of the learning curve of the newest products and best practices. This is not just a business, but a place for careers, today and into the future.