Our Process

Our Process

Step 1 – Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation. This is an important first step because we need to make sure we are designing and building a system that meets your specific energy savings needs. Our engineers will design your system based on information you provide on electrical usage and your utility bill. The engineers also rely on a site inspection report in consultation with an electrician journeymen and construction manager. Sometimes we also consult with the electrical inspector, utility's planner and utility's renewable energy section, as needed. This helps us to ensure that we meet every requirement and are able to provide you with the best system possible.

Step 2 – Permitting and Utility Approval

Let us handle the permitting process. Once you approve your design and all your contract paperwork is completed, the design is sent to the Department of Planning and Permitting and utility company. They will process the designs simultaneously, but in most situations, independently for approval.

Step 3 – Construction

Once your paperwork is approved and permits are received we will begin building your PV system. Most residential jobs will be completed in 1-3 days. The inspections will take place later. In about 2-4 weeks the NM meter will be installed and you are fully ready to begin receiving credits for over production.

Step 4 – Enjoy Free Electricity

Now you can sit back and enjoy your cost savings. We're certain you will smile when your electric bill comes in the mail. We will periodically monitor your system for performance – actual vs. expected – and if we see something unusual we will contact you to see what may be happening and provide a recommendation.

By monitoring your system, we know the needed frequency of cleaning and the performance capacity of your system and we are perfectly suited to help maintain any system we install.