Honolulu Installation

At Solar Wave we design systems for optimal power harvesting. This residential system is designed with a tilt kit for better power harvesting. Most other companies use the roof surface only causing less performance for the same amount of panels

Mid-Pacific Institute

In 2012, Mid-Pacific Institute declared it had purchased 1,200 3rd Generation iPads for each enrolled undergraduate. This made Mid-Pac the first school in North America to supply every student from kindergarten to 12th grade with an iPad or tablet PC. Solar Wave entered into a Power Purchase Agreement with the school. The 253 kW system was built at no cost to the school and thousands of dollars of monthly savings are now being enjoyed.

Punahou School

Punahou was founded in 1841, formally known as Oahu College. It has had an impressive history. From notable alumni, including the current second term President Barack Obama, to their well known variety of nationally ranked programs, Punahou has a lot to be proud of. In 2006, the school was ranked as the “greenest” school in all of North america. In 2008, the school made plans to exceed their accomplishments even further.

‘Iolani School

The esteemed ‘Iolani School was first founded in 1863 without a formal name. In 1870, Kamehameha Iv and Queen Emma gave it this name meaning “heavenly hawk.” As the school excelled in academics and athletic programs, pride in the school grew. In 2009, a handful of students became national champions of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Real World Design Challenge. This was the first year the program was introduced to Hawai’i. To add to their reputation of energy efficiency the school made a decision to further self-sustaining clean energy.