What You Should Know

What You Should Know

Solar Wave Hawaii has been a leader in the field of commercial solar PV installations for many years. This has allowed us to easily transition our years of experience and industry knowledge to benefit residential customers.

As a homeowner, you should consider installing a PV system because it will allow you to reap the long term benefits of your investment. By purchasing a system now, you can enjoy significant cost savings on your electricity bill while also taking advantage of existing tax credits.

Although an average system may seem costly, over the course of 4-5 years you will get that back in tax credits and savings on your electricity bill. And once your system is paid off then you'll benefit from being able to use that savings to make other purchases.

Your goal is minimum electric bills and free electricity.


As a PV owner you will benefit from:

  • Having up to 65% of the cost paid for by tax incentives
  • Saving a few hundred extra dollars each month that can be used for other expenses
  • Receiving a high investment return
  • Using hot water when you want
  • Using air conditioning freely
  • Paying for no gas and no electricity if you own an electric vehicle
  • Passing on the value of the system to descendants
  • Helping Hawaii’s climate and economy

Getting Started

Are you ready to begin saving money on your electric bill?

Here is what you can expect after you contact us:

Step 1 – Site Inspection and Energy Analysis Consultation
Our engineers and solar consultants will come to your home for a site inspection to assess your all your current needs including: available space, roof access, projected sunlight and your energy usage needs. Please be prepared to provide them with a copy of your utility bill.

Step 2 – System Design
Our engineers will design your system using your utility bill and the site inspection report, in consultation with the electrician journeymen, electrical inspector, utility’s planner and utility’s renewable energy section.

Step 3 – Paperwork and Permitting
In this step we’ll help you navigate the waters to complete all the necessary paperwork for federal and state tax incentives, as well as anything else needed for the permit approvals.

The design will be sent to the Department of Planning and Permitting and utility company.

Step 4 – Equipment Acquisition
Once all the paperwork is completed, we’ll order the materials needed to conduct the installation. We work with companies that we believe will have longevity in the marketplace to ensure you get the best products and the best service possible.

Step 5 – Installation and Testing
The experience of our electrical engineers and professional installers comes into play in this step. They will properly install and test the system.

Most residential jobs will be completed in 1-3 days. The inspections will take place later.

Step 6 – Job Completion
Following the inspections by state inspectors, you will be able to enjoy the savings benefit from your investment.

In about 2-4 weeks the NM meter will be installed and you will be able to receive credits for over production.

Step 7 – Maintenance
We offer an annual panel cleaning and system diagnostic checks at no additional cost. We also periodically monitor your system for performance.

In year three, a maintenance plan is offered. We highly recommend you allow us to service your system. By monitoring your system, we know the needed frequency of cleaning and the performance capacity of your system to optimize results. We are perfectly suited to help maintain any system we install.