Anderson Ohana

"It has been three months since we had our 22 panels photovoltaic system installed at our house. In the meanwhile, we have been amazed at the very low electric bills that we have been paying to HECO each month. I would like to write this message to thank you for your great assistance… I need to let you know that your installation crew was first class. They all were very professionally and considerate. They made sure that their work would cause the least interruption of our daily life during the two-day installation. Our PV system has been working great without any problems. We feel very lucky having you take care of this project for us."

Jan T.

"My husband and I have been completely satisfied with all of the work Solar Wave has done for us. Everyone was professional, friendly and efficient. I love the online monitoring and our now extremely low electric bills! I would recommend them to anyone."

Stan A.

"I love it, love it, love it! I'm thoroughly enjoying watching my electric meter spin backwards and everyday I'm amazed at how much energy the sun is producing...If you were to send me a survey for the PV installation I would give the crew 5 stars in every category. They all should be highly commended for their exceptional quality of work and professionalism. There are many competitive solar PV companies to compare with and I definitely have no doubts that I made the right decision with Solar Wave. My only regret...is that I did not purchase a photovoltaic system sooner."